Monday 18 December 2017
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1 months ago

Why Big Data Analytics Applications Built On True, Real-Time Architectures Will Deliver Better Business Outcomes

Description: Everyone knows the world is becoming more digitized every day, fueling an unprecedented growth in data. This has huge implications for how enterprises interact with that data to gain insight and a competitive edge. To survive, you need to tap into data-in-motion, shifting analytics to the point of data creation, before it lands in a data lake. Applications built on traditional architectures are becoming increasingly ill-equipped to keep pace with the need for fast, big data. This webinar will explain why, and more importantly, how you can get ahead with pre-built, end-to-end applications designed to address virtually any use case for the freshest insights and action you need to make better business decisions. Presenter: Nathan Trueblood, DataTorrent, VP Product Management

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