Thursday 23 November 2017
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A BIM-based approach to façade optimization: geometrical, economic, and production control in a DfMA perspective

Elena Seghezzi. Façade optimization is a promising approach to reduce cost and improve production control in the building sector, especially considering complex buildings. In many cases, this optimization is focusing on energy and comfort aspects, with the goal of improving daylight quality and reducing energy consumption. These approaches represent a valuable support to façade design and engineering. However they lack consideration of construction and production related issues. The goal of this paper is providing a methodology properly supporting façade optimization in a DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) perspective. DfMA has proven to facilitate offsite manufacturing, lowering costs and improving speed and quality of construction, especially combined with BIM strategies. A BIM-based methodology can help in setting parameters for the proper optimization of the façade, balancing production related needs and design requirements. The proposed method allows the exploration of alterna

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