Monday 23 April 2018
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4 peripheral venous duplex pt 4 varices dr ahmed esawy

Varicose veins DUPLEX US primary varicose (superficial system abnormally secondary varicose (deep system 2ry to obstruction or incompetence Reflux (most common) Calf muscle pump dysfunction muscle wasting neuromuscular disease deep fasciotomies local vein valve failure within the muscle fascia sheath Venous obstruction DVT / Post-thrombotic syndrome Mass artery Venous valvular incompetence Primary Secondary Congenital abnormalities (Klippel - Trenaunay - Weber Syndrome) Klippel - Trenaunay - Weber Syndrome superficial system Extra-axial Deep system Axial valvular competence in the superficial venous system Varicose veins (valvular) saphenous incompetence long saphenous vein Anterior accessory great veins Reflux of the Pre-Terminal Valve , the terminal Valve appeared Competent Hypo plastic GSV Sclerosed vein tortuous dilated varicose veins Reflux Velocity Duration Volume Superficial Venous reflux Isolated ostial reflux SFJ SPJ perforating reflux GSV SSV reflux combined ostial ,perfo

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