Sunday 19 November 2017
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The latest Canadian US Patent Competitive Intelligence Database (2017/11/14)

This is a due diligence directory of Canadian US patents holders. It has the latest information about who has US patents in Canada, where the US patent holders are, what they patented in the US market and the trends of their US patents. In 2009, when I was working for the Region of Peel government, Canada, I successfully used patent mapping to identify 20 US patent intensive companies as the potential employers for highly educated immigrants. Following this initiative, I created a Canadian patent competitive intelligence (CI) database to track the latest patent competence of Canadian entities, in all sector throughout Canada, on a weekly basis. There has been the information of 7,000+ Canadian companies in this information repository now. My work with Region of Peel from 2010 to 2012 showed that this database can provide the no-older-than-7-day intelligence for long-term strategic research/planning and short-term tactics. This is also the first attempt in Canada to use patent landscape as a

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