Tuesday 19 June 2018
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Download: https://solutionzip.com/downloads/novelty-products-ltd/ Novelty Products Ltd. makes a single product using two processes. Quality control check takes place during the process, at which point, rejected units are separated from good units. The following details relate to production for the month of April 20X7, for Process 2. (i) Work-in-process, beginning inventory: -0- (ii) Transfer from Process 1: 15,000 units valued at $51.40 each (iii) Other manufacturing costs incurred during April: Direct material added $513,000 Direct labour $365,000 Manufacturing overhead $211,000 (iv) Normal losses were estimated to be 5% of input during the period. The scrap value of any loss is $40 per unit. (v) At inspection 1,750 units were rejected as scrap. These units had reached the following degree of completion: Input material 100% Direct material added 50% Conversion costs 30% (vi) 12,000 units were completed and transferred to Finished Goods Inventory. (vii) Work-in-process at the end of April had

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