Monday 20 November 2017
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Understanding Network Insight Integrations to Automate Containment and Kick Start Response, Stephen Newman SVP Products, Core Security SecureAuth

Whether it’s the revered single plane of glass view in a SIEM or building an auto containment workflow for compromised devices, Network Insight admins can use built-in integrators to take action quickly or build their own with the API. With SIEM for instance, what if the view is wrong or incomplete? This can cause the response teams to spend invaluable time looking and or chasing the wrong things. It’s critical to understand how to ingest the NI outputs into your SIEM to keep things flowing smoothly. In this session we will cover the two different types of feeds and ideas on how to best incorporate them into your SIEM workflow. This session will help responders understand the Network Insight SIEM output so they can quickly understand the output and how to build SIEM workflows and dashboards to get optimal results. Also covered will be use cases for Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Network Access Control (NAC) and Proxy integrations.

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