Wednesday 22 November 2017
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The NIST Machine Learning AI Initiative

In this deck from the HPC User Forum in Milwaukee, Michael Garris from NIST presents: The National Science Technology Council ML/AI Initiative. AI-enabled systems are beginning to revolutionize fields such as commerce, healthcare, transportation and cybersecurity. It has the potential to impact nearly all aspects of our society including our economy, yet its development and use come with serious technical and ethical challenges and risks. AI must be developed in a trustworthy manner to ensure reliability and safety. NIST cultivates trust in technology by developing and deploying standards, tests and metrics that make technology more secure, usable, interoperable and reliable, and by strengthening measurement science. This work is critically relevant to building the public trust of rapidly evolving AI technologies. In contrast with deterministic rule-based systems, where reliability and safety may be built in and proven by design, AI systems typically make decisions based on data-driven mod

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