Saturday 16 December 2017
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2 months ago

A Quality Engine Test Stand Starts Here

Summary Making your own engine test stand can be more of a pain than repairing your engine. Calculating dimensions, purchasing parts, building the assembly, fine tuning, test running, and finding ways to store your DIY engine test stand is a tall task. There are a few flimsy designs on the internet for DIY Engine Test Stands, however these stands are usually one time ordeals and can’t support anything bigger than a small-block engine and will cause you problems. For many car junkies, testing an engine out on the garage floor or on a resting tire is the easy way out. However, if you look at yours or other people’s engines on a daily basis, you may want to upgrade that tire to a professional engine run stand. Professional engine test stands come with the tools you need to safely, efficiently test and diagnose problems with an engine and get it running properly before reinstallation with little to no trouble.

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