Sunday 17 December 2017
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Good Stuff Happens in 1:1 Meetings: Why you need them and how to do them well

According to the latest State of the American Manager report from Gallup, employees who have regular meetings with their managers are almost three times as likely to be engaged as those who don’t. These regular check-ins keep managers and employees in sync and aligned. Want to see better manager/employee relationships in your organisation? Then make an all-in commitment to 1:1 meetings. Not sure how? You’ve come to the right place. In this webinar with Jamie Resker, Founder and Practice Leader for Employee Performance Solutions (EPS), and Teala Wilson, Talent Management Consultant at Saba Software, you’ll get the inside track on how to hold effective 1:1 meetings, including tips for getting managers on board. • Go beyond discussing the status of everyday work to higher level topics, including recognition, performance, development, and career aspirations • Learn how to decide meeting frequency, what to cover, as well as roles and responsibilities of the manager and employee • Understand how m

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