Sunday 17 December 2017
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2 months ago

Guideline review for the substance misuse

The problem of drug misuse affects any society. For centuries substance abuse had been controlled by cultural and religious traditions and rituals. 20th century, developments in chemical industry, as well as multiple wars and conflicts, globalization and changes in social structures have facilitated emerging of the problem of drug misuse. Today, there is excessive experience and evidence accumulated worldwide in the fields of intervention and treatment of drug misuse. Continuously best practices are being studied and compared, new developments and approaches are being suggested, and outcomes are constantly evaluated. In this huge amount of information, it has become a real challenge for decision makers to identify one (ore several) resources/tools to rely on. Our task is to find several different clinical practice guidelines for management of substance misuse, analyze their contents and key recommendations, compare with each and finally formulate our recommendation regarding analyzed guideli

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