Friday 15 December 2017
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3 months ago

SmArt Strategising for the Knowledge Era

Nowadays we became quite good at analysing (big) data. However, more often than not, it becomes ‘big data – small insight’. If we only use data, we miss the intuition of our best experts. We say that our most valuable asset is the knowledge of our employees but we only use this knowledge if it fits into neat tables or colourful charts. There is a way to make use of these intuitions and still keep the neatness and tidiness, only we need to use qualitative rather than quantitative tools. With causal maps, we can represent the structure of issues, how they are linked, and what the effect of changing something would be. With knowledge-based expert systems, we can drill down a particular issue, such as a decision, to evaluate decision alternatives. In both of these, we have powerful (qualitative) analysis that can help us figure out priorities or the rules of decisions. Furthermore, both tools also offer the possibility of presenting transparent arguments.

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