Sunday 17 December 2017
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8 months ago

Molested by self-proclaimed god

KUALA LUMPUR: A 57-year-old man who claimed that he is a god , got grabby and molested an 18 year old girl last year.

The man, only known as Low, who suffers from a god complex got to know his victim through a friend and they began a cyber courtship through Facebook since 2015.

The girl, who only wanted to be known as Leong said that after chatting with the man, she eventually met up with him.

We had met up four times. He always pressured me for sex but on the fifth time we met which was in October last year, I was in his car when he suddenly grabbed my private area, said Leong in a press conference at the MCA Public services and complaints department today.

She eventually got away from the man but he kept harassing her on Facebook.

He kept messaging me asking me if my private area was hurting as he claimed he had put magic powers there as a curse, she said.

Low had told her that he is a god sent down from heaven to the morta

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